What Customers Say About Sally


It’s not very fun to look for a new job or the right college. Sally worked with my husband and I at different times when we were in the thick of switching jobs. We found her to be a calming and constructive influence during stressful times! With each of us, Sally helped us get organized, update our resumes, put together LinkedIn profiles and work on strong, compelling cover letters. She helped us find job leads and go after them. Sally also assisted our daughter during her college search at a time when the whole process felt very daunting to us. If you need help in either of these areas, definitely give Sally a call!


“Our family has always been able to turn to Sally with great success with our college and job search needs. Three sons, and all have been accepted into their first choice college. Sally’s knowledge of the whole process allowed us to better individualize each application to their top choices. She did a wonderful job helping them fine tune their essays, highlighting the pertinent test scores and streamlining the important information needed to give their application the greatest impact. The college process has become a game of sorts, and it’s nice to know that we had the best coach.

Sally also helped our oldest son once he had graduated and it was time for the job search. We know we can always count on her for help and guidance on every aspect of this process, from resume writing, to which technologies are best to use to be noticed by top corporations and recruiters, through salary negotiations.”

Kent and Betty Jean


“Sally Phelps helped my daughter and me to plan our college search process. In my daughter’s sophomore year, I felt overwhelmed. I literally didn’t know where to start! I first sat down with Sally to learn the basics. She explained the Common App and showed me sample sections. And she armed me with questions to ask colleges when we visited, such as “What offerings do you have for students who don’t yet know what to major in?”

Later that year, I attended her presentation “DeMystifying the College Search Process,” where I learned even more. Sally followed up by emailing me useful websites. Then, in my daughter’s senior year, Sally sat down with her and after that meeting, I saw that she was finally getting focused and excited.

It was such a huge weight off my shoulders when my daughter received her first college acceptance! And it was from a college that Sally had encouraged my daughter to apply to because (in her words) they offer a “superb” education.  So, thank you, Sally, for helping us throughout the process!”


“We have had a wonderful experience working with Sally over the past six months. She has been a great help to my daughter and I with every aspect of the college process. This included doing extensive research to create an appropriate college list, assistance with filling out applications, editing essays, and making a spreadsheet to help keep us on track. She provided updated information, deadline reminders and was always available to cover last minute details or answer any questions we had.

Sally’s vast knowledge, efficiency and compassionate nature has made the whole college process a much less stressful and way more enjoyable experience. It has truly been a pleasure working with her.”