How I Can Help

winning-gameplanWhy would you need a college admissions coach?

Perhaps you are the parent of a high school sophomore or junior, and you know you should be doing something. But you’re not sure what, or in what order, or for how many hours a week.

Or you’re the parents of twins. How in the world am I going to do all this…times two?

Or maybe this is your first child to go to college. You have friends who seem to have a very good handle on what they’re doing, but that is definitely not you. Where to begin?

Or maybe you’re a second semester junior. You’ve already begun to get lots of mail from colleges – it’s all a bit overwhelming, in fact. Your guidance counselor has met with you, but you’re still not sure what you should be doing.

Sally can help remove the confusion, get you organized, and create a plan with you. She can assist you in answering questions like this, and will get you moving forward with these key areas:

  • Career Counseling – How in the world do I know what I want to pursue for a career? Is that ok, is it normal? Well if it is, how am I supposed to pick a college. Sally can suggest a few simple tools and initiatives to help you start to figure that out.  Or to finding a college that is good at helping you get there.
  • Creating Timeline and Checklist – What to do first? Sally can help you make a plan and execute it. What should the parent be doing? What should the student be doing? And when?
  • School Search and Selection – Our kitchen table is littered with brochures and postcards. My teen has friends who are telling her to go to this school or that. I’ve heard there are over 4,000 colleges in the United States. Should she go far away or stay close? City or country? Big or small?  Will she get in? How will we be able to afford it?
  • Creating Your Resume – Sometimes it can be daunting to remember every club you’ve been in, every job you’ve had, every class you’ve taken. By preparing a resume early in the process, the Common App will be a breeze, and you can keep updating it as you do new things and receive more awards.
  • Exploring Essay Ideas – The college essay can make everyone crazy. What in the world do I write about that doesn’t sound like everyone else’s essay? Sally can help you with ideas of how to make your strengths and personality shine through. She’ll even look over your essay once you have a draft completed.
  • Navigating the Common App – It’s really not as scary as everyone says. Once you figure out what it’s all about, and do your preparation in advance, your son or daughter can determine how to present the most accurate picture of themselves through the Common Application.
  • Preparing for the College Interview – You mean I need to TALK TO these people? Can’t I just go on the college tour and listen in the room full of people to the presentation? An interview will set you apart, and help the college get a sense of the person behind the application. Go for it! Sally can get you ready and leave you feeling confident.